We had a very old, non working heatpump, that we needed to replace.I did a exhaustive research on different aspects of purchasing a heatpump;which were the most reliable brands,energy efficient models vs. higher cost of parts and repair,and what is involved for proper installation.I prepared a list of questions to test the honesty,integrity,ethics and installation quality of the Hvac companies I contacted. I called only top rated companies in Vancouver and checked them out against 4 to 5 different review sources, including the BBB.Plus I checked them out with the state of Washington.After having a lot of top rated companies come over to bid, discuss installation and answer my researched questions.I found only 2 companies that really stood out as different.Between those two companies, Kyle, the Owner of Experts heating and cooling, stood out as the best.His 20 years experience as a repair and installation technician was very apparent.He was up front, on how the installation was going to be done, so it would be one of excellent quality and detail.He told me everything,from the importance of maximum evacuation/cleaning of the newly installed refrigerant lines – which they did way above specs (I personally and periodically watched the meter as the lines were being evacuated and researched what the industry standard should be) in order to eliminate needless damage to the compressor, to maximizing air flow around the furnace for better comfort and longevity of the fan motor and evaporator coil.Also,it was very important to Kyle to do the least amount of brazing as possible(welding of the refrigerant lines) so as to keep uncut solid copper lines, since welded areas are usually the first areas to leak refrigerant in the future.I observed everything during the installation process,Kyle’s crew went out of their way to do a top notch job.From the very beginning of the installation, Kyle made things very clear to his crew how he wanted things done.Even when the installation was winding down to completion,Kyle himself checked every aspect of the installation to make sure it was up to his high standards including the testing and operation of the heatpump.After thoroughly checking everything out, he came up with a very creative idea to maximize energy and heat efficiency even further and had his crew do it at no charge.Everything I researched, said the installation was more important than anything else, if you don’t want ongoing service calls and needless damage to your new system because of poor or hurried installation. Kyle has a strong ethic to be honest with his customers – from service call pricing to an honest diagnosis .I came to this aforegoing conclusion from hours of discussions with Kyle and observing the actual installation of the heatpump, that his words were definately followed up with actions!

Michael Buhman