Clark PUD Current Rebates

Rebates and incentives help you make energy-efficient home improvements that can reduce your electricity bill—which also helps us reduce the amount of power we need to buy.

Heat Pump Program

You may qualify for a rebate of between $200 and $1,200, depending on the type of heat pump and your existing heating method.

Air Source Heat Pump Rebates  

  • $1,000 rebate for electric forced air furnace conversion to heat pump.
  • $1,200 rebate for electric forced air furnace conversion to variable speed heat pump.
  • $200 rebate for heat pump replacement with variable speed heat pump.

Ductless Heat Pump Program

To qualify your home must have cable ceiling heat, baseboard heat, an electric furnace or wall heaters permanently installed.

Ductless Heat Pump Rebates

  • $800 rebate for the installation of a single or multi-head system (9.0 or greater HSPF, 7.6 or greater HSPF2 )
  • $100 rebate for ductless heat pump replacement (11.0 or greater HSPF, 10.4 or greater HSPF2)
Page updated 10/10/2023