Skamania PUD Rebates

Residential Air Source Heat Pump Rebate

Eligible homes

  • Existing single-family Site Built (4 units or less) or Manufactured homes.
  • ONLY homes with Electric Forced Air Furnace qualify.
  • New residential construction and multifamily buildings are not eligible.

Qualified projects

  • New, centrally-ducted Air Source Heat Pump is home’s first heat pump of any type.
  • Installation performed by a licensed contractor.
  • New equipment tested and certified by AHRI (Air conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute).

Minimum efficiency requirement

7.6 HSPF2 and 13.4 SEER2
9.0 HSPF and 14 SEER


Non-Variable Speed: $800
Variable Speed: $1,000

Residential Ductless Heat Pump Rebate

Existing Site Built Homes or Existing Manufactured Homes

Minimum Installation Requirements

  • Your home’s existing primary heat source must be an Electric Forced Air Furnace or Electric Zonal Heat (baseboards, wall units, ceiling cables, electric hydronic). No other heating sources are eligible.
  • The new Ductless Heat Pump may be single-head or multi-head
  • Only one Ductless Heat Pump rebate can be claimed per household

Rebate Amount