Home-Buying HVAC

If you are looking at homes to purchase it’s important to check out the homes heating and cooling system. If the system is having problems, it may lead to expensive repairs or replacements that you’re not prepared for once you sign the contract. Here are 5 HVAC tasks to add to your home shopping check list:

  1. How old is the furnace? Don’t be afraid to ask how old the equipment is. You can even check the label on the furnace, air conditioner and heat pump. That label will show you the serial number and date of manufacture. HVAC systems average lifespan is about 15 years depending on how well its maintained.
  2. What is the Maintenance history? Ask the current owner if they have the maintenance and service records. You want to know if the equipment was regularly maintained, if it has had any repairs and what they were.
  3. Does the HVAC system have any energy upgrades? Energy upgrades like added insulation and ductwork sealing can make a big difference in the heating and cooling costs of a home.
  4. Ask for the Energy Bill. Look to see how much it will cost to heat and cool the home so you can budget that during home ownership. Higher that normal bills could mean a poorly sealed house or issues with the heating and cooling equipment.
  5. Ask Experts to get involved! If you have made an offer on a home, it’s a good idea to have a HVAC technician inspect the house in addition to the standard home inspector. We can thoroughly inspect the equipment before you officially sign the closing documents. Large problems, like a furnace replacement, can be negotiated for the seller to complete in order to close. It could also lower the asking price of the home.

Heating and Cooling are the two main things that keep you comfortable in your home year round. Make sure to get to know the homes HVAC system before you commit to buying, surprise repairs can be frustrating and costly. If you are buying a home make sure to call Experts to come do a thorough inspection of the homes equipment.


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